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 Nigerian Project (UNIDO, Geneva),
 2001 -
Sustainable Industrial Developent
<< With Mrs Khoo Gaik Hong & UNIDO Senior Officials in Nigeria (Dr Kandeh Yumkella & Mr Machado).

Regional Training Workshop on Appropriate Strategies for Poverty Alleviation & Sustainable Development for the Agricultural & Industrial Sectors for West African Nations, UNIDO Project, Lagos, NIGERIA 
(19 - 30 Nov 2001)
 Turkmenistan Project (IDB, Jeddah),
 1998 - Project Financing

<< With TFEB's Senior Officials (Mr Alexander Cherepnev & Mr Mamadov).

Project Financing Training & Consulting for The State Bank for Foreign Economic Affairs of Turkmenistan, Islamic Development Bank (IDB) Project, Ashgabat, TURKMENISTAN (16 Mar to 15 Sept 1998)

 Canadian Project (CIDA, Vancouver),
 1990 -
Computer Software Development
 (Farm Level Land Evaluation)
<< At work in Agriculture Canada's Vancouver office.

Expert Counterpart in Computer Model (Software) Development -- Developing LANDS System Prototype, CIDA Project No. 600/12419 Agricultural Information System Malaysia-CANADA  (Farm Level Land Evaluation) (Dec 1989 - Feb 1991)

 Other Projects ~ Declined Offer
 Privatisation Project - Papua-New Guinea
, 2000
Consultancy Services for the Privatisation Projects of the Government of Papua New Guinea 
(Sept 2000 - 2 months assignment in Port Moresby, PNG) - declined offer 

1.    Tender (CSTB 0248) for Regulatory Review & Development of Regulatory Framework for Air Niugini, the Electricity Commission, Telikom Post PNG, Harbours Board and the Water Utilities -- to review & amend the regulatory framework for state owned enterprises.

2.    Dept. of Finance & Treasury - Financial Management Improvement Programme (FMIP), a USD20 million project to develop a more effective system of financial management at all level of Government.

 Rural Finance System - The Philippines
, 2001
Support Mission to Exit Strategy for Rural Finance Systems of EC-Projects in the Philippines 
To be funded by ECA Office, Barcelona, Spain 
(Aug 2001 - 6 weeks assignment, in Brussels & The Philippines) -
declined offer 

The mission was to assess the capabilities of the Philippines' Government Financial Institutions and Micro-Finance Institutions involved in the long-term sustainability plans of the project's micro-finance schemes. The assessment was to largely be based on existing assessments by the projects, as available.
The Assignments

by Arifin Abdul Latif MADE(ANU)
ArifinLatif Consulting 
Freelance Consultant on Forecasting Economics & Stock Market Trends...

Consulting assignments under Malaysia's Technical Cooperation Projects (MTCP) for Capacity Building in the Third World.....
>> UNDP (in Lagos, NIGERIA)
>> IDB (in Ashgabad, TURKMENISTAN)

Expert Counterpart under Developed Economies' Development Assistance Project for Technology Development.....
>> CIDA (in Vancouver, CANADA)

International Consulting 
UNIDO Consulting Assignment - Lagos, Nigeria


IDB Consulting Assignment - Ashgabad, Turkmenistan

CIDA Project - Vancouver, Canada

ArifinLatif Consulting
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