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  Canadian Project (CIDA, Vancouver), 1990 - Computer Software Development (Farm Level Land Evaluation)

At work in Agriculture Canada's Vancouver office.

Expert Counterpart in Computer Model (Software) Development -- Developing LANDS System Prototype, CIDA Project No. 600/12419 Agricultural Information System Malaysia-CANADA  (Farm Level Land Evaluation) (Dec 1989 - Feb 1991)

CIDA Project: Synopsis 
Senior Fellow/ Economist, AGRICULTURE CANADA, Land Resource Research Centre, 6660 N.W. Marine Drive, Vancouver, B.C., V6T 1X2, Canada. CIDA Project No. 600/ 12419 Agricultural Information System Malaysia-Canada (Farm Level Land Evaluation). December 1989 to February 1991

Software model development for a prototype Land Analysis and Decision Support (LANDS) system.

On-the-job training developing the prototype software with Agriculture Canada. Developed a PC-based LANDS System (Ver.1) for farm/ regional level applications, using an ORACLE-based rdbms interfaced with a shell of proprietary software programs (TERRASOFT, AgriExpert, Climate System, LINDO, etc.) that will be valuable for land evaluation in both Malaysia and Canada. Malaysian counterpart (Economist) providing economic input for the algorithm used in the model development, programmed in SQL and C-languages. Undertaken self-study on time series price forecasting (ARIMA modelling) of local agricultural commodities (at farmgate) and selected stocks/ shares listed on the Vancouver Stock Exchange (VSE), using SHAZAM Econometrics Program (Ver. 6.2), and DJMA Plus (forecasting price trends by technical analysis/ charting).

FLLE Gang of Six......
From left: Arifin Abdul Latif (Economist -- odd-man out, the only "non-specialist"), Sahibi Mokhtar (Soils Specialist), Sulaiman M. Zain (Team Leader/ Farm Mechanisation Specialist), Chua Piak Chwee (Farm Management Specialist), Yacob Ahmad (Crops Specialist), Mohd. Zaki Hadi (Data Management Specialist). Where were we? Oh yes, at Banff -- before our climb to the glaciers of the Canadian Rockies.
Agriculture Research
lethbridge.jpg (26916 bytes)Lethbridge Research Station, B.C., Canada
Favourite tourist attraction
capilano-withIsya.jpg (41412 bytes)Capilano Bridge, North Vancouver, B.C., Canada

Used as a trading post during the early colonial days. Trappers and Indians sold their trappings, etc. at such trading posts. Crossing the bridge, carrying my daughter Nur Afiesya, some 200 ft above the roaring gorges below (something like what Rambo have tasted in "First Blood"!).

Ossoyus Valley, B.C.
ossoyusValley.jpg (36070 bytes)Where Canadian apples and other temperate fruits are grown, for the export & local markets. Apples grown are normally harvested and stored for over 1 year!  So, whenever we eat apples from that part of the world we are actually crunching >1-year old apples!
At Agriculture Canada 
CIDAproject.gif (74886 bytes)Two Teams were send for the CIDA Project. The first badge worked on a Regional Level Land Evaluation (RLE); while the second group's focus was narrowed down to the farm level, i.e, the Farm Level Land Evaluation (FLLE). Here much more data input and crunching were involved! Apparently the project was the first of it's kind attempted anywhere in the world. In the process, Agriculture Canada was accorded a Special Award by HRH The Queen -- something which we over here in Malaysia didn't realise! Well, we spend a lot of time in Canada at a critical time when the world saw sweeping changes -- with the fall of socialism and The Gulf War, among others. On a personal note I have lost my dearest father in the 1990 Mecca tragedy, while serving the DOA in Canada....

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